Dog Parkour is all about getting us and our dogs interacting with the world in a new and novel way. We train parkour as part of our training classes as it encourages calm, focused and fun behaviour whilst on lead. This is a great way to build confidence in our dogs. It can make walks more meaningful and fun AND builds great relationships with our dogs. You learn about the potential of shaping our dogs behaviour to encourage them to make the correct choices. This is low impact and encourages safe movement so is suitable for puppies through to older dogs. Parkour is perfect for dogs that need to remain on lead when out and about.

We often run themed parkour walks around the farm such as the Halloween trick or treat walk around the haunted farm.

We also run an introductory workshop designed by Dog Parkour UK (DPUK) where we will introduce you to the level one behaviours such as two feet on, under and through. We also discuss the safety elements, ‘parkour eye’ and how you can earn fantastic titles and levels through DPUK.

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