Dogs and Livestock

Dog’s chasing livestock (worrying) is a big problem and can have terrible consequences.

Dog’s chasing cats, squirrels, birds etc can also be a problem and lead to problems.

As a farmer and an owner of sighthounds Emma is perfectly positioned to understand this problem from both sides.

These 121 classes work through her unique dogs and livestock program. Where you not only learn how to redirect and refocus your dog’s problem behaviour but also how to understand why it is happening. This is not a quick fix, but a way to help manage and work though issues.

This is suitable for dogs that are struggling to remain calm around distractions, that show fear/reactivity to livestock or that just need help making the correct choices. However, we reserve the right to suggest seeing a behaviorist if we feel it is appropriate.

A bit more about me

I have experience of dogs with a high prey drive and understand the consequences of this. This has given me practical experience of management and a passion to learn everything I can about the subject. Like all things I am learning new bits every day (I also make different mistakes). I want to help people like me so they don’t make the same mistakes. That they learn how to work with their dog to promote the right choices. Being safe around livestock/cats/birds may mean never letting that dog off lead unless it is a secure field, it may mean wearing a muzzle, it may mean being able to calmly walk through a field of sheep on a footpath. No matter what the safe outcome is I want you to feel calm and confident in the knowledge that your dog is safe and listening to you.

Please be aware this is a highly managed course that will progress at a speed suitable for your dog. It may be several sessions before it is safe to introduce them to animals in a safe and controlled way. At no point will we put any livestock or other animals in any situation that will make them feel stressed. Do not try anything like this at home. The dogs and animals in the photographs below are used to each other and trained for these encounters.

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