General training

Life skills

Emma is a qualified member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) 01487, a Pro-Dog trainer and a certified trainer through the Dog Training Collage. This means she is able to help you train your dog better. Through positive reinforcement, consistency and fun we aim to help your dog make better choices, be less distracted and more calm. These 121 sessions focus on the areas you choose, suitable for puppies, rescue or older dogs. Emma makes sure that you understand the training process, not just repeat the same thing over & over.

Larry enjoying time in the sensory garden. This is one of several spaces we have around the farm where we can let your dog relax and build confidence. This means that even anxious dogs can be included – “Training for all”.

We frequently run our popular Adolescent Dog Workshops. In these small group sessions we discuss common issues that are associated with adolescence in a practical way. These workshops have limited numbers so book now.

A fun but calm workshop designed to help dogs aged 6-24 months transition from puppy to adult. Topics covered include loose lead walking, recall, calmness and boundary games. You will be introduced to the concepts behind the training to allow you to understand how to build and progress your training at home. You will earn a certificate upon completion of the workshop to take home.

There are only 4 dog places per workshop to keep the excitement to a minimum but the value of training to the maximum.


Freework was developed by Sarah Fisher and is one of the greatest gifts we can give our dogs. Emma is currently on her journey to become a Animal Centered Educator (ACE). We use freework to compliment training and encourage a holistic approach to dog companionship. By being aware of our dog’s movement, likes and dislikes we are able to train effectively. It also allows the dog to learn how to relax in situations that it previously felt overwhelmed with.

Freework is a groundbreaking way to work through canine issues such as reactivity, separation anxiety, barking and many more. We are privileged to have both a calm indoor space and the sensory garden which we can use for freework. In these sessions we focus on you being able to observe, bond and work with your dog to help them.

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