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Adolescent dog workshop

21st or 28th November 2021 at Winsley Village Hall, Bradford Upon Avon 9.15-11am

A fun but calm workshop designed to help dogs aged 6-12 months transition from puppy to adult. Topics covered include loose lead walking, recall, calmness and boundary games. You will be introduced to the concepts behind the training to allow you to understand how to build and progress your training at home. You will earn a certificate upon completion of the workshop to take home.

There are only 4 dog places per workshop to keep the excitement to a minimum but the value of training to the maximum. Tickets are £30 each and available here.

If you have an older dog (12 months+) or are unable to attend these dates/venue and would like to attend a similar workshop please contact me to discuss.

Canine Hoopers UK

Hoopers is the perfect low impact sport for all ages and types of dog. It is different to agility because it doesn’t involve jumps or sharp turns- the dogs run through hoops/tunnels and around barrels in smooth flowing courses. This means that it is kinder to your dogs joints and suitable for ex-agility dogs/puppies. If you are wanting to learn agility then hoopers is a great starting point for puppies.

Hoopers is also the perfect sport for people with less mobility or not wanting to run around big courses. This is because we encourage distance handling – the dog does the running we do the directions. This builds up confidence in the dog, improves the bond between handler and dog and opens the sport up to more people.

If you have a sensitive dog, often called ‘yellow dogs’ or ‘space dogs’ who don’t like other dogs or strange people then hoopers is the sport for you. Even in competitions it is important that all the dogs have space and are made comfortable. Even if this means that dog runs in the arena with no other dogs around and the judge standing on the side lines.

Here are Pawfect Ability we train hoopers to all levels and abilities, from beginners to instructors. Emma is a qualified Advanced Accredited Canine Hoopers UK (CHUK) instructor, judge and show organiser. We offer the Canine Hoopers UK Good Hoopers Awards, foundation, bronze, silver and gold levels to progress through. For more information please visit Canine Hoopers UK

Hoopers lessons are currently run as 121’s and are £25/hour. This includes your good hoopers award assessment, rosette and certificate when applicable. Individual lessons allow you to progress quickly and focus on the areas you need to succeed, rather than working though a set format of classes. These can take place indoors or outdoors depending on level and weather conditions.

We also run the very special SAM’S SHOWS alongside Luther’s Hoopers. These are CHUK shows where you can earn progression points and also Sam’s league points over the year.

Introduction to Parkour

Dog Parkour is all about getting us and our dogs interacting with the world in a new and novel way. In this introductory workshop run according to Dog Parkour UK (DPUK) we will introduce you to the level one behaviours such as two feet on, under and through. We also discuss the safety elements, ‘parkour eye’ and how you can earn fantastic titles and levels through DPUK.

This is a great way to build confidence in our dogs. It can make walks more meaningful and fun AND builds great relationships with our dogs. You learn about the potential of shaping our dogs behaviour to encourage them to make the correct choices. This is low impact and encourages safe movement so is suitable for puppies through to older dogs.

Workshop coming soon, please contact me if you are interested

Introduction to Livestock Workshop

One of the biggest problems faced by many dog owners in the rural countryside is dog reactivity to livestock. Worrying of livestock (where a dog chases sheep/cows/horse/hens) is a serious issue and can carry large fines. A dog doesn’t need to make contact with a farm animal to be seen as out of control under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

What can you do about this – attend one of our Introduction to Livestock Workshops. Here we discuss the problem and find practical ways to prevent your dog reacting to livestock. We then allow the dogs to meet a variety of livestock in a controlled and highly supervised safe space. This allows you to train your dog in an atmosphere set up for success, rather than facing a group of sheep out on a footpath.

Please note this is not suitable for dogs that have a history of chasing livestock. Please contact me if you want to work on this issue.

All farm animals involved in this workshop are trained and carefully monitored for any signs of stress. Do not try this at home.

Workshop coming soon, please contact me if you are interested


Freework was developed by Sarah Fisher and is one of the greatest gifts we can give our dogs. Emma is currently on her journey to become a Animal Centered Educator (ACE). We use freework to compliment training and encourage a holistic approach to dog companionship. By being aware of our dog’s movement, likes and dislikes we are able to train effectively. It also allows the dog to learn how to relax in situations that it previously felt overwhelmed with.

Freework is a groundbreaking way to work through canine issues such as reactivity, seperation anxiety, barking and many more.

Freework sessions last an hour and cost £25.

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