About us

I am passionate about building partnerships between handler and dog through positive training. I am constantly learning new skills to keep my training fresh and up to date so that you can get the most out of training with me.

I have had a varied career but have always worked with animals, I currently run a sheep and cattle farm alongside training people and their dogs. I started teaching over 10 years ago at university and as a personal tutor. During this time my passion has been horses and dogs. I have been training for several years with a local dog club as an obedience and hoopers instructor, and continue to volunteer there. Since becoming an Advanced Accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructor I have jumped into every aspect of hoopers; I am an experience Judge, have competed in the National Finals 2019 and at the Tri-Score 2019 event, run several workshops, hosted a hoopers camp and trained alongside the founders of CHUK.

It was Zoe the zoomy lurcher that walked me down the path of dog training. It took a lot of patience and hard work but together we have done competitive obedience, agility and now hoopers. Zoe has always been a dog of extremes, either zooming around or slow and careful. When Zoe stopped wanting to jump in agility and shut down in the ring I was devastated, but then we found hoopers and it has just been an amazing journey. She is such a genuine old girl and every run I have with her is pure joy.

The other dog I compete with is Bolt (or Big Dog) the collie, a loving but very enthusiastic boy. He is very willing to please, but sometimes takes his own course around the hoopers ring! He is my working sheepdog, so has a day job alongside his mum Meg, on the farm. I held Bolt when he was born but have had to work hard at developing a true bond with him. We are going on a journey together learning new things every day.

I have other dogs, most of them rescue lurchers with various special abilities. This means I am empathic to space dogs, rescues and dogs of all backgrounds. Every dog at Pawfect works at its own pace, sometimes its the smallest things that bring the most joy. I don’t have a set way of training, I feel that all dogs and people are different so I work hard to find the right tools to help.

I wanted to start Pawfect Ability to enable everyone to have a chance to enjoy being in a team with their dog. From pet owners to competing partnerships everyone can benefit from positive training, if you have a goal we can help you reach it.

I also work with Jo, a close friend and also an Advanced Accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructor and judge. Jo has also had years of experience in training people and is a joy to work alongside. She started hoopers with her very special rescue collie Bella, and this has helped her build confidence and independence. The small changes in Bella have been monumental in improving her outlook on life, and whilst they still have a massive way to go they will succeed. Jo is now working with her own zoomy lurcher puppy Neo and hopes to compete next year.

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